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You'll travel with us to some of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in the country.  We've gone ahead of you and selected some great lodging and attractions for your visit.  Now, if you're looking for the best bargain--say a Motel 6--this is probably not the site for you.  Rather, we've searched out both romantic retreats and family resorts offering 300 count sheets or greater, cuisine (as opposed to fast food), and architectually interesting features.  We've also tossed in a few adventures, minus the plush surroundings, such as sleeping in a ghost town, a lighthouse, or covered wagon.  Whenever possible, our suggestions include both adventure and luxury.

Santa Clarita Valley
Learn more here about this segment of Los Angeles County that RovingWriter calls home and FBI statistics continually rank as one of the safest cities in the United States.

Consumer Issues
Concerned about rising insurance costs, the reliability of particular products, or simply whether satellite tv is really a better deal than cable?  We're continually adding and updating these topics.

Which diet plan really works?  At what age should the kids begin to floss their teeth?  Can I enjoy a suntan and yet avoid wrinkles? (Probably not.)  Check out our articles on health.

Home Improvement
Make your master bedroom into a five-diamond retreat or find out how to make your home look like a model.


Since we've already put in time doing the research, you can just link to the places we're suggesting.  You'll find all the details you need, without searching the net.  Start your tour here.

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