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Dave and Deb

About Us

What started out as a quiet freelance career quickly blossomed into the syndication service we offer today.

Roving Writer was established to create high-quality editorial content for regional and small publications. By purchasing one-time publication reprint rights, Editors choose features or fill-in pieces at cost-effective rates without compromising quality. 

With this service, we reach a maximum number of readers across the country, providing an excellent outlet for Convention & Visitor’s Bureaus, the Travel Trade, Consumer Agencies, and promoters of new quality products that would be of interest to the average consumer.  These agencies are also welcome to purchase quotes, articles and photos to suit their needs.

You’re Invited
…to browse through the site.  Consumers will enjoy a sneak peak behind the publishing world and are welcome to tootle around the site. 

Our Values
We represent the heart of American values, the substance of what has always made America great.  Combining the talents of our exceptional writers with affordable content to the publishing entrepreneur, we always keep your readers in mind.  That’s why you’ll never find editorial content or material on this site that does not promote traditional family values.

Our political articles empower Americans to make wise choices at the voting polls, while not consistently promoting one particular party.  We’ll provide the facts including voting records and raise timely issues of concern to families.

But we’re not just for family magazines.  You’ll find articles designed for a general audience as well. 

Dave & Debbie